We specialise in installation of brand new split systems, ducted systems, heat transfer kits and cailing fans. In addition, we offer removal of old units and supply and installation of new ones. We supply and install unit from all major brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Kaden. Most of our customers choose from the first three options.


Our experienced technicians specialise in resolving issues with existing units and restoring functionality promptly. With in-depth knowledge of various models and brands, we diagnose and fix problems efficiently to minimise downtime and prioritise your comfort.


Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for air conditioners to operate at their best. While you should clean the main filter of dust regularly, we recommend our professional deep cleaning service and annual system servicing. Our thorough cleaning and annual servicing ensure your air conditioning unit runs efficiently, providing you with clean air, free from mold and harmful bacteria. Breathe in fresh, healthy air with our comprehensive maintenance solutions.